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Screen Printing

We offer many types of screen printing ink.


Plastisol is extremely opaque producing true colors. It has great durability and washability. We can match Pantone matching system colors with plastisol. Many special effects inks such as glow in the dark, metallic, glitter and puff are also available. While it does have these advantages plastisol does have a bit of a heavier hand or feel to it.

Water Based

Water based inks have generally been used on lighter colored garments as they are not usually as opaque as plastisol. These inks soak into the fabric leaving a nice soft feel. There are now opaque water based inks for dark shirts as well. Ink technology is improving all the time!


Discharge ink is a water based ink that can be used on dark shirts. It soaks into the shirt and when it reaches a high enough temperature in the dryer it removes the existing dye of the shirt and replaces it with the desired color. It has an extremely soft feel to it. Color matching can be a challenge with discharge and it works best on 100% cotton. Not all shirt colors discharge well.


Silicone ink is great for performance and smooth polyester fabrics. It exhibits superior elasticity and durability when printed on these demanding fabric types. It cures at a lower temperature than other ink which reduces the potential for dye migration.